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So You Have An Idea? Start By Defining Your Value Proposition!

Before deciding on developing a business or not or investing a lot of money for something people have no interest in it, you should ask yourself two things: Who are my customers? what are the benefits of my idea/product/service for my future customers? To answer these…

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UX Design-Learn-What-Your-Mobile-App-Users-Do-UX-Record

UX Design Tool: UX Record – Learn What You App User Do!

At Coteries, in our EPFL-based office, we are constantly looking to improve our processes. And to better understand users to deliver great User Experience (UX). We use several UX Design tools, and today we would like to present you a great one: UX Record. How about…

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Email Marketing Optimization Hacks (Infographic)

A few weeks ago, we came across an interesting infographic about email marketing, published by 99firms. We liked it so much that we want to make it available for you here! Nowadays, there are more marketing channels than ever before in human history. Email is arguably the most…

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Hello, I’m Matth

I am Matth, the new junior software developer at Coteries. I am really grateful to have been recruited to join this company. The opportunity to learn from the team is constant and this is absolutely invaluable for me, especially because this is my first position after I…

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How To do Video Streaming on Android Offline Using WiDi

(5min read) A few weeks ago, I’ve been developing a mobile application using video streaming on Android offline. I was not expecting such a journey in front of me. Besides all information you can find on the web, it was not that trivial and the solution was not obvious. The goal…

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6 Reasons to Use Google Tag Manager for Website Tracking

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system. Remember when you had the boring work of installing each tracking code of each platform (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) into your websites' code?  Those times are long gone! Google Tag Manager has softened the digital…

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Work @Coteries as a Software Engineer!

We are collaborating with Swiss insurance company La Mobilière to offer a 12-months internship/first job as a Software Engineer! Have a look at the following job ad (in French, however) and make sure to apply quickly, if you want to join us! Cross Company Program pour…

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Planify mobile app selected to pitch at IBTM

Planify Mobile App selected to Pitch at ibtm world

Last November 20th, 2017 our team woke up with great news. One of our mobile apps for the travel market called "Planify" had been selected to pitch at one of the biggest trade shows in the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Corporate Events) industry: IBTM Barcelona.   What exactly…

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Bounce Rate: How To Reduce It From 60% to 4%!

Let me to start by saying that this article might not be what you're expecting to. I mean, I will definitely tell you how you can reduce your bounce rate from 60% to 4%... but due to a MISTAKE often overlooked. Shall we start with the basics? What is the bounce rate? Google…

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How Facebook Ads turned a local Dental Clinic into Global

Hi there! I'm Rui and I'm currently acting as Digital Marketing Manager of Coteries and Planify. Today I'm here to tell you how Facebook ads changed a local business in Portugal. In 2012 I got a job as Marketing Manager of a Dental Clinic in Leiria - Portugal. Besides, I was…

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