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Is Business Development for everyone?

Allow us to present you, Nela. Originally Serbian, born in New York, high school years between Dubai and Belgrade, followed by an internship in Hong Kong, and the completion of her studies at the Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, the #1 University of International Hospitality…

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How Human Can Chatbots Be? The Facebook fever!

Manuel has been developing apps for 18 years in areas like mobile apps, bots and IoT. He’s currently the CTO of Coteries. We started developing Chatbots for Slack and Telegram and then we went for Facebook, which was announced 3 months later. We went deeper on Facebook after…

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Email Marketing: 119 Facts You Don’t Know About

Email Marketing Some consider it dead, others claim it's one of the most powerful marketing tools. It's time to clarify any doubts you might have with this infographic! If you're a reader we'll have the full written list below the image. Courtesy of: Website Do you…

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Mobile Apps: why you should have your own

Every business has needs, whether it’s for clients or for employees. An app can be the solution you’re looking for (as we wrote on “Mobile App: 5 advantages of using one”). It doesn’t matter if you’re not a big brand; there are many advantages to build an app also even for small…

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Mobile App: 5 Advantages of using one

Having a Mobile app have been increasingly popular since the release of the first iPhone. At some point, everybody wanted to develop its own mobile application, because it was «what innovative people did» and it seemed to be the magical way of getting quick distribution. It…

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Mailchimp and Facebook, what do they have in common?

Mailchimp just announced their connection with facebook. The company says its a way to help their users reach new costumers and engage with the ones they already have. The goal was to gather everything in the same place, in order to don't lose time. Therefore, now when you're…

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Website Mistakes that you should Avoid – 5 tips

Website Mistakes There   are   30’000   billion   pages indexed by  Google.  How  do  people find  you  in  this  ocean  of  websites? How   do   you   stand   out   and   get noticed? Of course, originality, great content  and  innovative  design  are essentials  ingredients.…

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Optimized Website: 4 Essential Steps to achieve

An optimized website represents a great opportunity to interact with potential new clients. As a result, It's an essential element for your image and also requires regular maintenance, just like your car! There are several reasons you should an optimized website  (read some…

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Website: 5 Reasons to Improve it!

Technology is evolving extremely quickly. Web rules and trends keep changing. Adapting your website can bring significant benefits. Here are 5 reasons to optimize your page and rework your UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design: 1. Improve your website's corporate…

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