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An optimized website represents a great opportunity to interact with potential new clients. As a result, It’s an essential element for your image and also requires regular maintenance, just like your car!

There are several reasons you should an optimized website  (read some here). Did you know that more than 5,5 billions search queries are made on Google every day? An impressive number, reminding us that if people can’t find you online, you may miss many business opportunities.

Here are 4 steps to get an optimized website, improve his visibility and bring as many visitors as possible:

1. Ergonomics

First of all, User Experience. Whatever device your visitor is using to navigate on your website, he deserves a pleasant experience. Therefore you have to adapt your content or optimize your website to be responsive! Furthermore your visitors have to find information easily and quickly, without thinking. What is the next step? Either buying your product or Getting in touch with you? Use ergonomics as a guide through the experience! Great information architecture brings convenience to your visitors and also improves your Google indexation.

2. Design

User Interface words fly away while images remain. Provoke emotions using a modern, refined and harmonious design. Telling a story with images also worths thousands of words! Therefore match your design to the message you want to convey. Don’t make your visitor feel as you were neglecting your showcase. Optimize your design and images at a technical level, to improve search engines indexation and get an optimized website.

3. Content

Google’s algorithm values relevant and quality content, especially if it sticks to your field of activity. Have you already thought about keywords defining your activity? Set up a keywords strategy related to your product, use it to write content, try to be innovative. It allows you to improve your ranking and to stand out from the competition! Surprise and entertain with your website: try to keep an editorial strategy and publish regularly.

4. Security is also part of an optimized website

Did you know that every unsecured website, not using the https protocol, will no longer be referenced from 10th January 2017? Furthermore, Chrome browser will generate a visual alert to warn visitors, when navigating on an HTTP website, while filling a formulary or displaying a payment page. Consequently, it can generate devastating results: imagine that nobody contacts you or orders via your website anymore, fearing to be pirated !

Wondering how to set up these steps? Our Team would be glad to help you. Coteries Lab is based in Lausanne and major in website development (mainly based on WordPress) and UX/UI design.