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There   are   30’000   billion   pages indexed by  Google.  How  do  people find  you  in  this  ocean  of  websites? How   do   you   stand   out   and   get noticed? Of course, originality, great content  and  innovative  design  are essentials  ingredients.  But  how  do you  get  there?  Start  by  avoiding these  5 website mistakes  and  your  website will be great:

1.Creating the website by yourself

You  need  to  consider  the  users  needs.  Your  website  is  meant to  convert  your visitors, not you! Understand what your target audience want to find on your website. Understand the behavior of your visitors, if they actually spend time on it and where they  leave  it.  Adapt  the  message  and  the  User  Experience  (UX)  based  on  their behavior. Test what’s working the best, using tools such as Optimizely for A/B testing (part  of  your  visitors  will  see  a  specific  message,  the  other  part  another  message: understand what converts best) or UsabilityHub for 5 seconds tests (real people will  record  what  they  do  when  they  land  on  your  website).  Analyze  the  results repair your website mistakes.

2.Underestimating mobile traffic

More than 50% of users are browsing websites on mobile. This shouldn’t even be an option  anymore,  your  website  has  to  be  responsive!  Would  you  spend  time  on websites  where  you  have  to  zoom  to  understand  what  they  are  doing,  while  other websites are readable from mobile devices? Not being optimized for mobile navigation means that you are taking the risk to lose 50% of your hardly-earned visitors, simply because the user experience is bad on mobile – read more about this in 7 advantages of a mobile website(link). It also means less chance for you to close a deal: you would have to drive twice as many visitors to get the same amount of sales.

3. Neglecting content will lead to website mistakes too!

You’ve probably already heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how important it is to choose relevant keywords to be one of the top ranking site on Google. Indeed, it has a significant impact on your website’s popularity. But more importantly you should write interesting and qualitative content for your visitors. Do not write the keywords you’d like to be found for every 2 lines. Think about readability! You need to find the right balance between writing only for SEO and completely forgetting about SEO!

4. Ignoring loading speed 

Everybody is impatient while browsing the web: if a website takes more than 5 seconds to load, you will probably abandon it. If you’re the owner of the website, it means you will lose a potential client. Avoid overloading your pages with heavy images and other fancy stuff you have found on the Internet, your visitors won’t even see them if they take too much time to load anyway. Optimize your pictures, or install a plugin to do it for you. Use Google’s “Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool” to find out your score, and get some advice on what you can improve.

5. Forgetting about the analytics

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting to build your website or if you have it for years, you should constantly analyze your visitors’ behavior and test what is satisfying them and in contrary, what is making them leave. To get traffic on your website, try different channels and measure which one is working best for you. Be careful! It’s not because emailing is working great at a time that you shouldn’t keep testing other channels, like Facebook Ads for instance.

Users’ behavior are constantly changing. The best tools to analyze your online performances are Google Analytics (link) (mostly, to trackgeneral information) and Mixpanel (link) (to track individual activity).

Still a bit lost with your website’s optimization? Our Team would be glad to help you. Coteries Lab is based in Lausanne and major in website development (mainly based on WordPress) and UX/UI design