mobile app lausanne switzerland agencyHaving a Mobile app have been increasingly popular since the release of the first iPhone. At some point, everybody wanted to develop its own mobile application, because it was «what innovative people did» and it seemed to be the magical way of getting quick distribution. It used to be true for the first mobile applications in all categories, as the relatively empty space was easy to occupy.

There was a golden age when you could release your app and get it featured (and millions of downloads) without doing a lot of marketing. It seemed to be the Graal of marketers! As millions of mobile apps have been released since then, an « app fatigue » started to grow among people. Many surveys show that even if the average user downloads many mobile applications, she’s using 5-7 apps on a regular basis. Startup entrepreneurs often think of their product as a mobile app, but sometimes, a web application (mobile optimized, of course) could do the job, without having to take care of multiple Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows). However, mobile applications are not dead! There are still plenty of situations where you simply need to build your mobile application. Hereafter, you’ll find a list of 5 advantages of building a mobile app (rather than a mobile-optimized website).

1. Gaming:

If you want to build interactive games (Pokémon Go, Angry Birds), you almost always need to build a proper mobile application (at least for the next few years – let’s see what comes in the future !).

2. Offline modus:

For some services, it’s sometimes an absolute prerequisite to access content without any internet connection (for instance, our product Planify allows participants to check their program while offline, in the plane). And sometimes, you need to take notes or perform functions offline (which will be synchronized once getting connected again) as it happens in snapchat stories for instance.

3. Personalization or Regular Usage of your mobile app:

If your target users will be using your service in a personalized way and/or on a regular basis (Evernote, Mailchimp, etc.) then a mobile application is appropriate and provides a great way to do that.

4. Complex Calculations or Reporting:

If you need a tool taking data and allowing you to manipulate it with complex calculations, charts or reports (think at banking, for instance), a mobile application will be the perfect tool for your customers.

5. Native Functionality (or date to process):

Mobile web browsers are becoming better at accessing certain mobile-specific functionalities, such as click-to-call, sending SMS and or Geo localisation. However, if your service requires access to the smartphone camera or to process data, a mobile application is more adequate.

Does your business require building a mobile application? We would love to turn your idea into a concrete and usable app. Based out of EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Coteries Lab is a mobile and web applications development company, recognised for its state-of-the art UX and UI design.

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