mobile apps; switzerland-mobile-apps; marketing-agency-switzerlandEvery business has needs, whether it’s for clients or for employees. An app can be the solution you’re looking for (as we wrote on “Mobile App: 5 advantages of using one”).

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a big brand; there are many advantages to build an app also even for small and midsize businesses.

Here is why you should develop your own mobile apps:

The places where we don’t use our smartphones have become pretty rare.

If you raise your head in the train, you’ll see most people staring at their smartphone, unable to see your incredible billboard campaign. But what they could see every day, right there on their screen, is your logo. How impactful is that? Even if they use your application occasionally they will at least see it every day, besides, downloading an app increases the number of return customers.

An application can also be a great way to interact with your customers

Push notifications are more direct, more personal and more likely to be opened than an email. Your messages won’t be lost amid thousands of other messages from your concurrence. You can easily communicate about special promotions or give exclusive information to your community. You can share everything in one and only place, your application is a space dedicated to your brand. Use your application to offer special features to your customers.

Are you offering a service as we do with Planify?

Give people the possibility to book it in a few clicks with your application, preventing them from calling you.  Are you selling a product? Offer the possibility to order it directly from your app, preventing them from going online. There are so many simple features that can make a real change for your customers.
Convinced that mobile apps are the solution for your business? We would love to turn your ideas into a concrete and usable application. Coteries Lab is located at EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne and is specialised in mobile and web applications development, as well as in UX and UI design.