I am Matth, the new junior software developer at Coteries. I am really grateful to have been recruited to join this company. The opportunity to learn from the team is constant and this is absolutely invaluable for me, especially because this is my first position after I finished my studies. For the record, I initially graduated in Communication Sciences at University of Neuchâtel, before re-orienting my future career towards software engineering, going to Berlin for an intensive coding course. My main mission so far at Coteries was to refactor completely the web manager of Planify, the group travel planning solution developed by the company, with the React.js framework.

I am working here at EPFL Innovation Park since March 2018 and I’m keen to share a couple things hereafter.

Here are some learnings:

  1. The best part about working at Coteries is the atmosphere in the office, certainly due to the flat hierarchy. I have never felt underestimated because I am the less experienced team member, which contributed to give me the feeling to be an important and full member of the team almost from day 1.
  2. Share knowledge amongst the team, so everyone keeps growing. This is something that we do on a daily basis and I think this is really valuable in a team.
  3. When you start working on a new project that is not your own, the temptation is extremely high to try to add new revolutionary features (in your opinion). But… first sit down and talk to a user (a real one and not an other member of the team)! Who knows, maybe you’ll get the confirmation that your idea is the missing piece of the application. Or not. That’s not you deciding, the user does.
  4. Reduce the number of lines in code (and I am not talking about optimisation). Before spending too much time developing features that might never have a significant impact on the quality of your product, focus on developing only a couple of features and solidify your user base. Later on, you’ll probably hear about what you need to develop from the users themselves.
  5. Organisation in a team is essential to develop great products. I feel that settings goals for the day, the week and counting points (Scrum!) makes me more productive. Moreover, it impacted me positively as I’m more serene about what needs to be done. Ultimately, the final quality of my work gets better.


Beside coding, I have another passion: DJing. It sounds completely different to coding, but it’s not. Everyday you can learn a ton of new things and technics, if you have a true passion for it. Practicing (a lot) makes you also better, step by step, like coding. Of course, in music you may probably be more creative in the sense of art once you’ve learnt the basics, although coding also requires both creativity to solve problems and rigour.

If you are interested in having a talk about my experience developing Planify web manager, the team spirit we have at Coteries or anything else…  You know a bit by now: I’m Matth. Do not hesitate to reach me per email.