Phuntsok Schagdeh, Software Developer

Hello! I’m Phuntsok, a new junior software developer at the Coteries SA. I have joined the company in August 2018. It is my first professional experience in programming and software development and I am really enjoying it. My main tasks in the company are the maintenance of existing websites we developed, like the EPFL Innovation Park’s one. I am also in charge of building an internal dashboard for Planify, testing websites and learning new programming languages.

To explain more about my career path, prior to joining Coteries, I have accomplished a 3 months intensive programming course at Powercoders in Lausanne. There, I learned programming languages such as HTML, CSS and basic JS.

What I am learning here

Working at Coteries Lab, I am acquiring my first-time real-life experience in programming languages, especially on JS, Reactjs, WordPress, and Java. Moreover, I am developing skills in problem-solving, analytical and logical thinking. I have discovered a likable team of digital freaks. Working with my easy-going colleagues is definitely a great source of motivation for me and I feel valued. Autonomy and self-responsibility are emphasized here.

I am very thankful to Coteries for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to join the company and improving myself as a software developer.

What else about me:

I’m originally from Tibet. I came to Switzerland in 2013 as a refugee. Thereafter, I worked as a vigneron and forestry and I’ve been learning a completely new culture and languages to integrate myself into this country. I’m still struggling with the language as I initially arrived in a Swiss-German canton and moved in the French part of Switzerland recently.

Other than programming, my hobbies include sports (I am a big fan of football), reading books, gardening (when it is not too cold..) and I enjoy swimming in the lake, during summer.

And Voila, you know me, Phuntsok, a bit better now. Do not hesitate to reach me per mail if you want to discuss my experience at Coteries Lab, I will be glad to chat with you!