Giulia Lécureux, Digital Marketer I am Giulia, the new junior marketing manager/business developer. I’ve joined Coteries Lab last October and my main role is to handle the marketing and  business development of Coteries and Planify (supporting Séb’ in these roles!). I am really grateful to have joined this company and that they give me a chance in a completely new field for me, digital marketing. To understand better, I am still studying International Business Management at the HEG Geneva. So, my weeks are split between studying and working here.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned so far:

  • Whether it is two months or two years that someone works here, there is no distinction in the team. They have trusted me since day one. It made me feels integrated and part of the team from the start. Having responsibilities from the beginning push me to improve myself and do my best for any tasks.
  • Theory is good, but practice is much better. Being still a student, I have the chance to be able to put into application what I am learning directly at Coteries. However, I discovered that in the real world it is not always how I have been taught to. Some points disturbed me at first but I learned to look at things with hindsight.
  • The importance of choosing the right words, especially in email marketing and content marketing. Writing and creating email marketing campaigns is one of my main tasks so far. Writing a good and efficient email is more complicated than I thought. I learned some growth hacking methods to help me and inspired myself with articles written by Séb’. Creating digital content require creativity but methodology too. It is important to follow some rules (using keywords, heading text, short sentences and so on) if you want it to be efficient.
  • I discovered many tools really helpful. Whether for business management or specific for digital marketing. There is so many software available that can really help in our work.

.. and what I like about working here:

Working at the EPFL Innovation Park, in a startup environment, is really cool. I discovered many startups from the region and the amazing concentration of innovative projects there is here. It’s really inspiring to discover this ecosystem from the inside and be able to work in it. What I enjoy most here, is to constantly learn new things. I knew that many strong tools existed for digital marketing and the power of social media, but it’s beyond what I imagined. Every day brings its new learnings.

And besides that,

Giulia Lécureux coteries
Me, Giulia, playing water polo

I played water polo for more than 10 years, in the Swiss national team too. Sport taught me the importance of team-spirit, hard-work and perseverance. And with no surprises, these skills help me in my academic and professional life and are values shared at Coteries. But right now, my free time is dedicated to a new project in the scope of my Bachelor thesis: an interdisciplinary academic program to develop a connected product (You can follow my adventures here). Working with developers and designers at Coteries clearly help me having a better understanding and vision on this project. So now you know a bit more about me, Giulia, and my early journey at Coteries. If you want to talk about my experience in digital marketing and business development or whatever you’d like, feel free to contact me per mail.