Hi, I’m Flavien, a new software engineer at Coteries. I joined the company last January, and I am delighted to work here since it allows me to work on exciting projects. Since my first day, I had the opportunity to work on four different projects touching different industries, ranging from a mobile application to the website of the EPFL Innovation Park or even our product Planify. As I am still studying to get my Master Degree in Business Administration in Lausanne, I’m working part time at Coteries.

Here an abstract of what I’ve learnt so far:

Flavien Bonvin, Coteries
Flavien Bonvin, Software Developer
  • Since day one, I felt integrated into the team; my point of view was taken into consideration, and it was comfortable to challenge each other ideas. It was extremely reassuring for me since it was my first job, Seb made the on-boarding experience a breath!
  • During my studies in Sierre, we never made a design meeting, and we only focused on building an app. I discovered those meetings in Coteries and really liked the energy during those times, in which we discuss the design or the technical hurdles that could rise.
  • Being a student allows me to make connections between the theory and the practice. I can better understand some lessons thanks to my work experience and provide some ideas coming from my professors during some meetings. A win-win for the team and I!
  • Working on a school project is fun, but having a real client change a lot of things. It was new for me, and I really enjoy meeting with clients, discussing some aspects of the product, and finding the best solution for them.
  • On a technical point of view, I’ve learnt so many new things here! In the past, I didn’t really enjoy building websites, but technologies like React.js made me change my mind. I also had the chance to learn and improve my knowledge of the Kotlin and TypeScript programming languages, RxJava, or Android testing (with Mockito and Robolectric).

What I like about working here?

Having my first working experience in EPFL Innovation Park is fantastic! I cannot think of a better place to encounter interesting new people and exciting projects. The vibes of Coteries really pleased me from the beginning. Working in a startup environment is inspiring and motivating for me. Each day, I have to step out of my comfort zone, learn new things and challenge (or  being challenged on) my ideas. And to my own surprise, I like that!

And besides that?

Like Giulia, I played and trained water polo for more than ten years. I do not think that another company has such a high water polo player concentration, at least in Switzerland! This very demanding sport has tested my endurance many times. It has followed me outside of the game and allows me to know my limits better and know when to overpass them.

Besides water polo, I enjoy techno music. I am part of an association that promotes this type of music in Switzerland and Europe by organising parties.

Now that you know a bit more about me, Flavien Bonvin, if you want to talk about my experiences in Coteries, feel free to contact me via email!