22 Questions to Answer Before Building a Mobile Application

Are you thinking about building a mobile application? What a great idea! Nowadays, mobile app development seems to be common and sounds "easy", especially given all the self-service tools you may find over the web. However, you'll almost always be needing some expert…

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UX Design Tool: UX Record – Learn What You App User Do!

At Coteries, in our EPFL-based office, we are constantly looking to improve our processes. And to better understand users to deliver great User Experience (UX). We use several UX Design tools, and today we would like to present you a great one: UX Record. How about…

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Why feedback matters in User Experience Design

Let us present you Eliott. Originally from Brussels (Belgium), and currently living in Lausanne (Switzerland), Eliott is an Interaction Designer working at the EPFL Innovation Park. His position at Coteries allows him to work on a large range of projects, both for our own…

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Website Mistakes that you should Avoid – 5 tips

Website Mistakes There   are   30’000   billion   pages indexed by  Google.  How  do  people find  you  in  this  ocean  of  websites? How   do   you   stand   out   and   get noticed? Of course, originality, great content  and  innovative  design  are essentials  ingredients.…

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Optimized Website: 4 Essential Steps to achieve

An optimized website represents a great opportunity to interact with potential new clients. As a result, It's an essential element for your image and also requires regular maintenance, just like your car! There are several reasons you should an optimized website  (read some…

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Website: 5 Reasons to Improve it!

Technology is evolving extremely quickly. Web rules and trends keep changing. Adapting your website can bring significant benefits. Here are 5 reasons to optimize your page and rework your UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design: 1. Improve your website's corporate…

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