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Native, Web, Hybrid or Cross-Platform App: What’s the difference?

You may know that there is a difference between an app developed for iPhone or Android, but not exactly what. Well, in this article we are going to give you an overview of the different possible type of apps available and what the main differences are, to help you choose what…

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22 Questions to Answer Before Building a Mobile Application

Are you thinking about building a mobile application? What a great idea! Nowadays, mobile app development seems to be common and sounds "easy", especially given all the self-service tools you may find over the web. However, you'll almost always be needing some expert…

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How To do Video Streaming on Android Offline Using WiDi

(5min read) A few weeks ago, I’ve been developing a mobile application using video streaming on Android offline. I was not expecting such a journey in front of me. Besides all information you can find on the web, it was not that trivial and the solution was not obvious. The goal…

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