The award ceremony of the 12th edition of the Best of the Web took place on November 23, 2022, at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

Amandine and I went to this event for the first time in the history of our web agency, to represent the product, which we launched at the end of 2021. was competing in two categories: “Innovation” and “User Experience” (UX).

A dozen projects were selected and presented during the event… and, at the end of the suspense, won the 1st prize!

What a pleasure to have succeeded in convincing the jury of the innovation brought by our writing assistant, based on artificial intelligence.

Congratulations to the whole Coteries team for this innovation award, which rewards the commitment and quality work done throughout the year!

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What is is a simple and creative writing assistant that democratizes access to artificial intelligence for text generation and allows users to write text automatically.

The user selects the task he or she wants to perform (summarising a text, writing a story, extracting keywords from a given text, writing a product sheet, etc.) and can let do the work and obtain a quality result.

Watch the video presenting! launched the world’s largest French-language model in November 2021, available in OpenSource and also the subject of a scientific publication

Beyond the technological innovation of, the extraordinary complexity of language models lies in their use and in setting up the parameters of these models to obtain consistent and efficient results on a regular basis. Until now, these technologies have been complex to use: the user had to understand how it works, adjust the parameters, find the right prompts, etc… simplifies all this by making this technology accessible to everyone, without any prior knowledge.

All the user has to do is select the task they want to perform and in a few clicks, they get the desired result. is accessible via an aesthetic, ergonomic, and responsive web interface, and can be directly integrated via an API for corporate clients, on request.

Writing has never been so easy and enjoyable. Test now, for free!

The interview of Amandine and Sébastien

Following our award, my colleague Amandine and I were lucky enough to be invited on the set of COMINMAG on November 30th for an interview.

A nice discussion (to discover in the video below, in French) about our personal backgrounds, our web agency Coteries (and the origin of the company’s name!), and of course,

The other Best of the Web 2022 winners

Le Meilleur du Web awarded a total of 10 prizes (categories: Technology, Innovation, Mobile, Usability – User Experience, Online Marketing Business Effectiveness, Influence Campaign, Branding Campaign, Video, Creative and Digital Communication in Sport).

It was a real pleasure to discover the creativity and achievements of other web agencies in French-speaking Switzerland.

Something to inspire us for 2023!

Picture of the Best of the Web 2022 winner, among ones and Coteries