UX & UI Design: Create User Experiences, Build User Interfaces

Create a slick experience with a proper interface

Design is one of the key of success for your digital project.

We understand your concept and goals. We challenge your project with the goal to design the best User Experience (UX) possible. We sketch wireframes and mockups, request feedback from you and your final users. A clickable prototype can also be developed to test the User Experience with potential users and customers.

Defining and designing a compelling User Experience implies users and design research. It’s an iterative process that allows having solid basis in the first place before going further while adding new features constantly.

The goal of the UX design phase is to define more precisely the specifications of the project, and visually. It can be for a complete mobile or a web app or for an MVP (i.e.  the Minimum Viable Product – the earliest version you can launch on the market).

Eventually, once the User Experience is defined and accepted, the finalisation of a compelling User Interface (UI) can start to make the project visually attractive. We integrate elements from your branding or from your product’s branding we defined together. Exactly like when you build a house and apply the last coat of paint!

Get a custom website and master its content

WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, and more

Coteries has designed and optimised attractive websites for customers across whole Switzerland.

Optimised for every kind of screen, mobile or desktop, we mainly design and develop websites on Webflow and Wordpress.

For e-Commerce websites, we mainly leverage Shopify, ones of the most powerful and most cost-efficient tools currently available on the market so that you can rapidly sell online.

But building a website is not enough. Just like a car, a website needs to be maintained and updated. We also offer maintenance services, including monitoring of the website’s availability and updates. Proper maintenance ensures the website’s security and reliability.

The skills of our UX/UI Design team

Here is what we can do for you:


Explore new ideas and concepts for your project


Set a direction for the style of your project

UX Writing

Write relevant and impactful contents for your user journey


Understand in detail your different user types and their needs


Structure your project by creating a map of your content and processes


Build the page structures and the user experience

User Testing

Test the UX/UI of your project with representative users

Visual Design

Create an aesthetic interface for your project

Design System

Define rules on how to apply your design everywhere

Interactive Prototype

Create of a clickable prototype to test your project

Visual Content

Create images and videos to present your project

Design Workshop in 7 days

Do you have a project idea and you’re not sure how to start? Or you do not have design skills to sketch it and make the wireframes? We’ve designed a package for you named “Design Workshop, in 7 Days”.

Check it out