Let’s Shape Your Idea.

In 7 Days.


We don’t create THE world in 7 days, but we will shape YOUR world.

Every idea needs to start somewhere. In 7 days, you’ll be able to start your project, define the first version of your product (MVP = Minimum Viable Product), build a brand and a design. You’ll get a realistic prototype to play with and to test with potential customers.

Day 0Design Workshop


Most likely, you’ve probably thought a lot about your idea. Sometimes even dreamt about it. To help you, we need to discover your project, understand it and learn about your vision. We want to be your teammates and define with you where to start, and what to focus on first.

Day 1Architecture


Based on the workshop, we’ll draſt a first structure for your product and input all the learnings gathered. We will then have a clearer view of what to spend time during the design process.You’ll get a first version of the product architecture, in the form of wireframes.

Day 2Identity


Digital products should have their own personality, that you’ll define. The personality of your product will be expressed by the style and the visuals. During this day, we’ll design and propose you a simple logo, propose you the colours and the typefaces that will best suit your project.

Day 3+4Design 1


This is the moment you’re probably the most excited about: for the first time, you’ll be able to see your idea taking shape!Do not expect a final version, though. At this stage, it will be the time for you to give us feedback on what has been delivered so far.

Day 5+6Design 2


We’ll improve the current design based on your feedback. Expect being challenged by us! You’re in the driver seat, but sometimes you need the help of your co-pilots! We’ll then design all the remaining screens and dig deeper into the details

Day 7Prototype


It’s time to get the results of this 7-days sprint! We’ll provide you with a clickable prototype, that you will be able to install on your device and play with it, simulating a working product. Keep in mind that no hard coding has been done so far.We’ll also provide you with the structure of the app and all screens in a PDF version.