Mobile Apps, Web Apps

We develop native mobile applications for iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin) and sometimes even Windows10, if really needed. For web development, we mainly use React.js and Javascript.

We also design and build progressive web apps (PWA).

If you are starting your mobile application project, we advise you to read our “guide” 22 questions to answer before building a mobile application.

facebook messenger chatbot; coteries-lab-chatbot

Chatbots, Voice Interfaces

We have developed experience in developing chatbots, especially on Facebook Messenger, but also on several other platforms like Telegram, Slack, Cisco Spark or Kik.
We have also developed expertise in developing Voice Interface applications, notably for Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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Back-end & Artificial Intelligence

The back-end usually handles the business logic, algorithms of your solution and the data storage. We can develop custom back-ends (Node.js, PhP, Java, MongoDB, etc.) or leverage powerful tools like Firebase.

We have also experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is also called “machine learning” (but hell yes… it’s less sexy!).

Do you have a mobile application or web development project? We’ve designed a package for you named “Development Sprint”.

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