With nearly 10 years of experiences in developing web and mobile applications, Coteries is the ideal partner to create adapted digital solutions tailored to your development needs. Our development engineers are able to use existing development solutions or develop customised solutions. For us, nothing is impossible:the only limits are those we set ourselves!

Our methodology for a successful development

Define the needs

For all the development projects, we place particular emphasis on defining the needs.  This first step is very important to foresee the challenges and solutions to be addressed. All development projects requires an initial design step to define how your project will be used (User Experience, or UX) and what it will look like (User Interface, UI)Our Design Workshop service, for example, allows us to have a precise vision of the project in the space of a few days.

Elements such as your business model, your revenue sources and the design of your future service are discussed. The idea is to define the general framework of the project so that you can start from a solid base. That said, not all projects start from scratch! If you already have a clear vision, we also offer more traditional meetings to review the general framework. Once established, the design team takes over to create the future interface of your service. By the end of the definition of needs phase, we recommend an adapted technology for the development of your project. On your side, you will have a unique and modern design adapted to your service.

Establishing the specifications

Once the user journey and design of your project are defined, we write the specifications. Software development is a complex process, which is why we divide a project into smaller parts. This reduces complexity and makes it quantifiable, making the developers’ job much easier. Creating this list of tasks allows us to estimate the time needed to complete them.

coteries digital agency development user stories specifications

The estimated time required may exceed your initial budget. In this case, we will discuss with you the essential features to launch your service. Together, we will select the elements that form what is called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Once the specifications have been established, you will receive a precise estimate of the tasks involved in implementing a first version of your mobile application or web project.

Integrate and iterate

Once the specifications have been established, the development can begin. For large-scale projects, we propose development in two-week iterations (called “sprints”). This working method is known as the “Agile Methodology” and is widely used in the software development industry. It allows you to follow the evolution of your project and to give us feedback if something is not in line with your expectations. You follow the evolution of the project with complete transparency.

coteries digital agency development code integration website web application

It is quite possible that some aspects of your strategy will change during the development process. This methodology gives us flexibility and allows us to then make the necessary adjustments. Furthermore, if the product has sufficiently advanced, you can make it available to the public before the end of development for more concrete testing. Our goal is to create added value for your customers in each iteration. This way, your early adopters can benefit from a high-performance solution that evolves over time, until the objectives defined in the specifications are met.

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Our software engineers

The skills of our development engineers

Here’s what we can do for you:

Web development

We create customised websites and web applications. Our engineers use React and Typescript, but Python, PHP and other Javascript frameworks don't scare them!

Web development

Native Mobile Development

We develop high performance native mobile applications for all devices. Our engineers use languages such as SwiftUI (iOS) or Kotlin (Android).

Native Mobile Development

Hybrid Mobile Development

We develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS with hybrid development, without having to go through 2 versions of applications, with Flutter.

Hybrid Mobile Development

Artificial Intelligence

We respond to your most demanding needs with our aritifical intelligence services. Our AI specialists bring you their experitse in Machine Learning, and more particularly in Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Application Programming Interface (API)

We design interfaces for your complex projects. Our engineers connect multiple systems needed for your needs by creating powerful APIs, especially with NodeJS.

Integration (CMS)

We integrate your site or your web application driectly for you in a CMS of your choice: Wordpress, Webflow, or another. Content management systems allos you to easily manage the content of your site.

Website development


We help you transform your physical e-commerce and support you in selling online. Our expertise in e-commerce solutions with tools such as Shopify or WooCommerce allows us to ensure a successful launch.

E-commerce development

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