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What is Machine Learning?

Often related to artificial intelligence, the learning machine is in fact a unique component of it. In short, it is a field of study in which computers learn continuously from a large amount of data.

Visual recognition, text searches in search engines, medical diagnostics, computer security, financial analysis, video games, predictive analysis, translations… The applications are many and varied and are an integral part of our daily lives!

Our services in Machine Learning

At Coteries, along with our Web Development services, we are specialists in specific areas of Machine Learning, namely NLP: Natural Language Processing, and more precisely in a sub-component of NLP, namely NLG, Natural Language Generation.

The NLG makes it possible to write, summarise or explain concepts based on structured data in a “humanly accessible” way, and this at high speed (several thousand pages per second!).

Today the Natural Language Generation is mainly used for writing analyses or communicating information to various audiences.


Today we are able to develop tools capable of writing specialised texts in various registers:


Content analysis and explanation of a difficult to grasp concept


Creation and writing of key content based on suggestions


Automatic translations while mastering grammar, semantics and linguistics

I have a Machine Learning project

Our Machine Learning engineers

Our team is composed of researchers from ETH and EPFL.

Florian Laurent, Machine Learning Engineer

Florian Laurent

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Specialist

Martin Müller, Machine Learning Engineer

Martin Müller

Software Engineer, Machine Learning Specialist

Models mastered by our specialists

We use some of the world’s most powerful models such as GPT-3, in addition to our own models refined according to your needs and our experience.

Text generators

Creation of texts on learning models

Text to text

Translations, summaries, explanations


Similar content, synonymous phrases


Machine Learning and its components are very broad and rapidly evolving fields that we explore on a daily basis to perfect our specialisations.

As our teams are constantly eager to learn, we are always on the alert to discover new languages and develop our skills.

Our clients benefit from the latest Machine Learning services!

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