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Take advantage of our machine learning engineers’ highly skilled abilities to develop an NLP product or an artificial intelligence project.

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Our services in NLP & Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Specialized in training language models, we develop custom NLP solutions for text generation and text processing. We optimize time-consuming writing or administrative tasks and develop text completion applications for automated responses.

Artificial intelligence

We create tools and recommender systems to find the best products or services you can suggest to your users. We set up systems to analyze images at scale to improve your services. We also create cutting-edge customized solutions for your customers.

Machine Learning Operations

With Machine Learning, we deploy solutions for tens of thousands of users. You scale your infrastructure to balance cost and performance with Smart Scaling. We support you in managing ML operations with advanced APIs.


Our team of specialists in Machine Learning and NLP for your project.


Proof of Concept (POC)

Depending on your needs, we analyze your environment and your processes to define a concrete benchmark for your task. We test different ways to formulate a precise context and we offer you adequate solutions.

Model fine-tuning

In addition to our own language models, we use and refine the world’s most powerful models, such as GPT-3, based on your needs and our experience. You benefit from a custom AI trained on your project and data.


With the Scrum methodology, we build by iterations. We break down your complex project into smaller pieces and we define together the features to be achieved in each sprint. Our team of designers, developers and ML engineers collaborate with you to deliver your project.


We perform detailed and thorough in-house testing to fix potential bugs and ensure that your product is ready for full-scale deployment. We can then launch and follow how the project evolves.

Our latest NLP and Machine Learning project is a tool to generate and process texts in French and German. We created and trained our own models because no viable solution was available for these specific languages.

The solution is available for free to test on our playground and is accessible via an API for large-scale projects.


Create a PoC for your NLP project

Feel like saving time with your processes that involve text generation, completion, analysis, classification, summarization or rewriting?

Let’s work together on a Proof of Concept to create a custom solution!

During the POC, we inform you about the progress of the project with full transparency.

You also benefit from the expertise of our specialists in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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