CloseUP is Zürich-based startup MatchMe’s first application. An application that analyses facial features to interpret personality and allows users to learn more about themselves.

CloseUP uses knowledge from physiognomy, which has been practiced for thousands of years and has its roots in Egyptology, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

Physiognomy, a technique that attempts to detect facial characteristics, in order to make conclusions about the abilities and personality traits of people. This knowledge was combined with that of homeopathy, naturopathy and classical medicine.

Expertises put use:

  • Implementation of an artificial intelligence (machine learning)
  • Design of a Minimum Viable Product in the form of a chatbot
  • Design of the mock-up and the clickable prototype
  • UX/UI Design
  • iOS mobile application development (Swift)
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Apple AppStore

Machine Learning and Minimum Viable Product

We combined this know-how into an artificial intelligence that has been implemented in the CloseUP application.  A series of self-learning algorithms (“Machine Learning”) allows the system to improve over time.

In order to test the concept with a limited circle of users, we developed an initial prototype, or “Minimum Viable Product”, in the form of a chatbot on Facebook and Telegram.

IPhone application and website

We then designed and developed a mobile application for the iPhone (called “native”, using the language Swift). This application allows you to upload an image of a person and to obtain in return an automatic analysis of his personality traits. The application is free, allows one to upload an image, and the user can then buy credits to analyze additional images, or get credits by inviting friends (affiliate system).

In order to better understand the use of the mobile application, we have integrated various tracking tools, such as Google Analytics.

We also created a web page, in order to present the application in the best possible way, for which we also optimized the SEO.

Generating downloads and gaining users

In order to introduce the app to potential users, we then defined a digital marketing strategy to attract users to the app.

We analyzed the relevance of various channels and then selected Facebook, Instagram and Apple Search Ads as the primary acquisition channels.

We tested many different ad formats, so we could optimize the campaigns and generate downloads of the app.