Realisation of a web application in logistics

Our client is a multinational active in the field of chemistry. They have several production sites around the world and deliver their products to a large number of distributors. In order to facilitate the handling of…

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Coteries Digital Agency - MockUp - E-commerce website Dogs Food Corner

Test the market and launch an e-commerce website for Dog’s Food Corner

Dog’s Food Corner produces complete menus and artisanal food products for dogs and cats. Based in Villeret, in the Bernese Jura, the small company is experiencing growing success by selling quality products. To support…

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Android Application Geo-Satis Tablet Security

Implementation of a technical feasibility study and development of a mobile security application

Geosatis is a spin-off from EPFL, incorporated in 2011 in Noirmont (Jura) with a Research and Development office at the EPFL Innovation Park. The company is active in the electronic monitoring of offenders and aims to…

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Coteries Digital Agency - MockUp - Web Platform Local Heroes

Supporting local economy by developing a web application

Local Heroes is a web platform created in March 2020 by our team at Coteries, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) designed and developed voluntarily in one weekend, this…

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Coteries Digital Agency - MockUp - Website and Web Platform for A141

Redesign of the website and creation of a web interface for trip creation and ticketing

The association 141.R.568 operates a type 141R steam locomotive and a dozen travel cars of different classes. They regularly organise gastronomic trips in an idyllic setting throughout the whole of French-speaking…

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Design and implementation of a web platform to book nail designers

NTO NTO is a young compay founded by Jessica Binder, who aims to bring beauty care services (including manicures) to the workplace, allowing employees to save time by enjoying these nail styling services. In…

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Design, documentation and development of a medical application for Intento (MindMaze)

Intento is a company active in the medical field, a spin-off of EPFL and part of the MindMaze group. Intento has developed a solution for the rehabilitation of movement after stroke, based on electrical stimulation.…

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Creating an iOS application and gaining downloads for it through advertising campaigns

CloseUP is Zürich-based startup MatchMe’s first application. An application that analyses facial features to interpret personality and allows users to learn more about themselves. CloseUP uses knowledge from…

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E-commerce and Website for Wine Community Caius

A Swiss company mandated us to design and develop the new e-commerce and community website of their project named Caius. This website aims to offer wines from small producers and selected based on the criteria of the…

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Dynamic Website for Geosatis

Geosatis is a Swiss company developing and commercialising the new generation of offender electronic monitoring system. The innovative and high-tech bracelet of Geosatis fulfils the highest requirements in terms of…

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