Parkshare; Parkshare-EIP; EIP-coteries-lab-mobile


We're fans of efficiency, therefore, we developed a platform for EPFL Innovation Park where anyone can "offer" his parking lot while not using it. We called it "Parkshare" and it's proving to make everyone happier.

Bookable; coteries-lab-bookable; book-a-room-EIP


Being EIP residents made us think about the importance of startups having a proper meeting room to receive their customers. For this reason, we created "Bookable". A place inside of EIP's main website where companies can book a room for meetings, briefings and whatever they might need.

Planify; Mobile-app-lausanne; coteries-lab-mobile-app


Planify is a mobile app that we created for group travel planning. Initially, it came up as a need for an incentive trip. The goal was to have a digital itinerary that the participants could check on their mobile phone while saving time for planners. Nowadays, Planify evolved from a prototype to a real product. It removes the complexity of gathering information from multiple partners (as you can see in our Video). This mobile app allows you to create an up-to-date, changeable and attractive plan to share with your participants.