Intento is a company active in the medical field, a spin-off of EPFL and part of the MindMaze group. Intento has developed a solution for the rehabilitation of movement after stroke, based on electrical stimulation.

Used skills:

  • Design mockups
  • User tests
  • UX/UI Design
  • Design illustrations 3D
  • Documentation for medical application
  • Unit tests
  • Android development

We were approached by Intento in October 2018, to design the first version of an Android tablet app to configure and interact with Intento’s medical device. After designing mock-ups, we conducted full-scale user tests, and showed the clickable prototype to a dozen rehabilitation specialists. Observing their interaction with the clickable prototype and retrieving their feedback allowed us to perform a second design iteration. Therefore, the application corresponds more to the business needs of Intento clients. The UI was designed considering the requirements of IEC 62366, related to usability engineering for medical devices.

We strictly collaborated with the team to write all the technical documentation for Class B medical software required by IEC 62304, and developed all unit tests, according to the quality criteria required for applications in the medical field. Finally, we co-developed the Android application, taking care of all the UI and data management, which was eventually certified and launched with success in August 2019.

This application is uniquely available with the medical device and to support the company Intento SA.