BeFramed was a client’s app to make better and easier picture taking with smartphones. It would achieve perfect framing for any model. When taking a photo, the idea was to stream the photographer’s video feed to the model’s phone to validate the framing, and then share the final shot to the model who could decide to make it change or not. The client wanted 2 apps, to make it available for both iOS and Android devices. Coteries built the Android app as a subcontract to another development company.

Skills used:

  • Android Development
  • Kotlin language
  • MVP Architecture (Model View Presenter)

A big challenge to develop an Android application

A specific issue for the project was to share the video stream from the photographer’s smartphone to the model’s smartphone. The application had to be able to work both:

  • online: rather simple in the end, using the Twillio service for video streaming
  • and offline: so that it would be usable in places without network coverage. It turned out that despite the existing documentation, it was rather difficult to stream video offline. As a result, there was no choice but to adopt a manual approach. This difficult and complex task was even documented on our blog by our CTO.

Challenge accepted, application developed!

Faced with this complex problem, our CTO looked for all possible solutions. For offline streaming, he brainstormed how he could achieve the result if he had to start from scratch.

Everything that involved video streaming also involved transmission protocols, and in the field, nothing worked: appearance of black streams, insufficient speed, data transmission size limits… Another approach had to be found.

In the end, a video is just a succession of 24 to 30 frames per second. It was with this observation that we found an appropriate solution. This “thinking out of the box” approach was implemented and proved to be successful: there were indeed better results sending 24 frames per second via Wi-Fi Direct than via video streaming.

So BeFramed ended up working perfectly with WiDi (“Wireless Display”). This way, regardless of the phone used, BeFramed users could check and validate the framing done by their photographer, without moving from their ideal position!

The app has since been removed from the Google Play Store.