Auderset & Cie is a family business created in 1980. They sell beverages and party material. Deliveries are made free of charge around Sonceboz (BE) and throughout Switzerland.

The client had a website that allowed him to sell online but that presented opportunities for improvement.

Taking advantage of the modernization of the brand image with a new styleguide, Auderset entrusted us with their project to publish a new e-commerce site to boost sales.

Building a new e-commerce website

We opted for Shopify, which we consider a leader among e-commerce solutions.

Like most platforms, Shopify offers many features. Since August 2021 the solution also includes a modular approach that allows to quickly create structured e-commerce sites with building blocks.

Finally, the experience for the client is simple and intuitive. The new website allows to automate time-consuming processes for optimal daily management.

Presenting information in a nice and structured way

The major challenge for this new website was structuring product pages.

The Auderset & Cie catalog contains many products. It was therefore not possible to integrate the products one by one.

Moreover, products characteristics can vary from one product to another. Thanks to the integration of page templates in Liquid (templating language on Shopify), we were able to create product pages that were easy to integrate and import.

We also made it possible to manage the delivery rate depending on the distance for local deliveries or throughout Switzerland.

This provides the customer with an ideal and well organized data structure. Product pages are appealing to visitors and the information is clear and easily customizable.

Training and performances

We also helped the client to use properly Shopify so he could add products and manage orders on a daily basis.

Auderset & Cie now has a powerful ecommerce which is twice as easy to use. It also allows to find new customers far beyond its traditional distribution area.

The site makes you want to buy even more and generates more sales!

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