Dog’s Food Corner produces complete menus and artisanal food products for dogs and cats. Based in Villeret, in the Bernese Jura, the small company is experiencing growing success by selling quality products. To support its development on the French-speaking market, Coteries tested the potential of online sales for Dogs Food Corner and optimized its sales processes with an e-commerce website.

Used skills:

  • Market test
  • User experience and interface design (UX/UI Design)
  • Content creation
  • Design and implementation of an e-commerce website
  • Monitoring traffic (tracking)

Testing the market and analysing traffic

Dog’s Food Corner had a showcase website and wanted to evaluate online customer acquisition. Just like PlanYourMove, we conducted a market test by driving qualified traffic to the site with Google Search Ads.

By posting ads on the Google search network, we were able to:


what people are looking for, and define on which queries we could position the client’s services


the potential monthly quantity of queries for specific terms


if people convert by contacting the client to place an order

After a successful test, we agreed to move on to the next step: sales optimization.

Design and implementation of an e-commerce website

Dog’s Food Corner had a showcase website made with a turnkey solution by a local hosting provider, but it was not very flexible nor very modern. The ordering process was quite complicated and time consuming. In addition, the fact that Dog’s Food Corner products are adapted especially for the treatment of certain health problems for dogs and cats was not very clear on the site.

In that way, we proposed that Dog’s Food Corner should optimize their sales with a new e-commerce website, which we designed and published with Shopify. Customers can now order directly online, which has an effect on both the daily business of Dog’s Food Corner and the optimization of internal processes.

As part of the project we also integrated a custom-developed calculator that allows visitors to estimate the amount of food needed to feed their pet every day.

As Shopify also has a Content Management System (CMS), the client can edit the content of his website and publish new content, such as blog posts.