The project in brief

Renku is an open-source platform facilitating research and collaboration around data. It has some very useful features but its interface was difficult to use: complex features to understand, difficult navigation and an aging design.

So the Renku team called on our design services to provide a solution!

Client review

“A highly competent, transparent and easy-to-work-with agency with broad competences. Highly recommend!” – Gavin Lee

Renku - Interface UX and UI

What we have achieved

We started with a full audit of the web application, along with our recommendations for improvements to the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
Then we decided, together with the Renku team, which elements to work on first. So, it was decided to redesign the search system, the project display, the user dashboard and come up with a brand new interface!

How was the collaboration?

For 2 months we held meetings almost every week to show the progress of the platform’s UX redesign to the Renku team, collect their feedback and plan the next steps together. These meetings were sometimes face-to-face, often remote.

And the result?

The Renku team was very happy with the result and their developers quickly set about implementing the changes.

All our designs were designed from the start to simplify development. We provided Renku with a design system for the new interface, along with full documentation.

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