Wir sind Zukunft is a campaign aimed at activating the Swiss to be more environmentally sustainable, energy efficient, and protective of the environment in their everyday lives. A website would help increase visibility of the campaign, with an interactive element to boost engagement and get more people involved.

The campaign itself was created by the agency Aroma AG, who builds brand engagement for their clients.

Skills used:

  • User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI Design)
  • Design and conception of a website on Webflow
  • NoCode philosophy


We were approached by Wirsindzukunft in November 2020 to design their website and add additional elements. The goal was to raise awareness and engagement for their sustainability campaign.

Our Head of Design created a version of the website on Figma. One main feature was minimizing the design with more black and white tones.

Adding gamification

Gamification was a big part of the UX. Visitors would be able to gain points and redeem for rewards.

Users can read articles, take actions, play quizzes on the site and with every action gain points.

While taking a quiz, a user can see how many points were earned from answering questions.

Once a user gains a certain amount of points, he can head to the point-shop and select a reward.

Overall, the new website gives a nice balance between “playing” on the website and educating oneself on the importance of being environmentally conscious and proactive in one’s daily life.

Coteries digital agency website redesign sustainability gamification

The NoCode approach to handle the backend

In order to manage accounts creation and the points that users could earn by answering questions and surveys, our head designer used a NoCode approach.

It would allow the client to get a custom solution quickly, be less dependent on code maintenance and rely on services that provide the exact solutions that were needed.

For this he used Memberstack to manage user accounts, Airtable to store points and meta data and Make (formerly Integromat) to manage the processes between all these different services.

Certain additional functionalities were also added after the launch to improve the user experience even further.

Marketing strategies to boost the campaign

To increase engagement even further, we added call-to-actions that incited people to share quotes from various articles to their networks. The point system also set up the perfect motivational tool for users to browse through pages, read as many articles as possible, or watch videos to gain rewards. Inviting friends to the platform also provided points.

Partnering with 20 Minutes, one could only take the quiz by downloading the 20 minutes mobile application. A great opportunity for both services. The campaign gained exposure on the app where readers could learn about the campaign, and those that learned about the campaign in other ways had a motivation to download the 20 minutes mobile app.

With a soft launch on the 29th of March, little traffic was expected initially. Collaborating with 20 Minutes to launch articles on the 1st of April meant readers would be redirected to the WSZ website and traffic would increase over time.

In the end, more that tens of thousands of users came on the platform, read articles and played to get points to redeem. A good success for a soft launch!

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