Dynamic Website for Geosatis

Geosatis is a Swiss company developing and commercialising the new generation of offender electronic monitoring system. The innovative and high-tech bracelet of Geosatis fulfils the highest requirements in terms of…

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Mobile App/Website for Bastian Baker

Bastian Baker was 19 years old when he released his first single called “Lucky”, and instantly started playing on several radio stations. Claude Nobs, the founder of “Montreux Jazz,” was really admired by Bastian’s…

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facebook messenger chatbot; coteries-lab-chatbot

Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Back in 2016 Coteries lab was already thinking about the upcoming trends in online communication and we were observing the rise of chatbots to better engage with customers while saving time. Facebook searches started to…

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Voice interface; coteries-development; voice-interface-lausanne

Voice Interface Application on Alexa and Google Home

At Coteries Lab, we are constantly motivated to discover new trends and understand the potential implications for us and for our customers. That's why we've investigated and developed some applications on Voice…

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Android Tv; app-design-coteries; design-android

Android TV Application Design & Development

A big customer recently mandated us to design and develop an Android application for TV. The purpose of this application is to be able to search and display weather forecasts, webcams and meteorological animated maps…

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goteam; pokemongo-apps; apps-coteries-lausanne

Goteam! A mobile app for Pokémon Go

During Summer 2016, like millions and millions of people across the globe, we downloaded the app Pokémon GO on our smartphones and joined the Pokémon hunt. As a digital lab, we were not only interested in the game…

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askjulia; design-coteries-askjulia; Seo-coteries-askjulia

Website/Chatbot for AskJulia

Who wouldn't want to get to know the best places in beautiful cities like Lausanne, Brussels, London or even Paris? Now you just have to Askjulia! Discovering the best spots to visit in a city would be like going on a…

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Regiodeal; coteries-mobile-app; regiodeal-mobile-app

Mobile App/Website for Regiodeal

Regiodeal offers you the best deals in Switzerland but especially in Emmental / Oberaargau and Lenzburg. It's a way of saving money by taking advantage of the best discounts around you. As nowadays there are plenty of…

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Mybees-Design-development-coteries; mobile-app

MyBees Mobile Application

MyBees is a project started by a bees lover, who had enough of hand-writing the tracking notes in a paper diary. The idea behind MyBees is to leverage the potential of mobile application to offer beekeepers, from…

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