Design and implementation of website for election candidates

In view of the federal election in October 2019, Coteries had designed a special offer for the design and publication of turnkey websites to present candidates in a modern and attractive light. Used skills: Design and…

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Comptoir Suisse

Comptoir Suisse is one of the oldest and biggest trade show, taking place in Lausanne every September since 1909. Comptoir Suisse wanted to refresh the design of its website. We did some mockups and wireframes, and then…

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Samantree; coteries-design; samantree-switzerland

Website & UX/UI Design for SamanTree

SamanTree Medical is a Swiss medical device company providing imaging solutions focused on patient care and cancer surgery. Their devices rely on confocal microscopy and the goal is to bring accurate control to the…

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Regiodeal; coteries-mobile-app; regiodeal-mobile-app

Mobile App/Website for Regiodeal

Regiodeal offers you the best deals in Switzerland but especially in Emmental / Oberaargau and Lenzburg. It's a way of saving money by taking advantage of the best discounts around you. As nowadays there are plenty of…

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