Being one of the resident of the EPFL Innovation Park, we were pleased to collaborate with them on many projects:

The EPFL Innovation Park is known as a productive and also as an innovative location. Since there are so many activities at EIP, they needed a dynamic website informing about services, events, news and job offers. We used WordPress allowing the EIP team to keep every section up-to-date easily. As a result they can add great content anytime to improve their inbound marketing.

Our team worked on a sober, modern and responsive design to highlight EIP spirit. We kept the same color code and structure for every EIP website, while giving them a visual identity that everyone can recognize.

To complete the website functionalities and create outbound marketing we’ve also implemented a Newsletter and a Hello Bar. We’ve coached the EIP team on Mailchimp, allowing them to manage it alone.

Date: 2014 – Today
Keywords: Website, UX Design, Email Marketing

EIP Exit Academy /  EIP Sales Angels / EIP Startup Board Members Academy /

They needed pages to inform people about their programs and give them the possibility to register online. The EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne achieves many projects and organizes events to help startups in their business development process. Therefore we went straight to the point and kept it simple, leaving aside fancy design; we’ve used WordPress to create three different responsive websites that are also very similar in the structure and colors to remind EIP identity.

Exit Academy:
Date Sales Angels:
Date Startup Board Members Academy:
Keywords: Website, UX Design