Coteries Lab has designed and optimised attractive websites for customers across Switzerland.
Both for desktop or mobile devices.  We mainly design and develop websites based on famous CMS WordPress, which is providing an easy and intuitive Content Management System (CMS). For e-Commerce websites, we mainly rely on WooCommerce and Shopify, which are some of the most powerful tools currently available on the market. We also offer you a maintenance service, monitoring the online availability of your website, updating the theme and the plugins to ensure the website’s security and reliability.

User Experience / User Interface Design

Every digital project start with design. Our designers seat with the project team to understand the project, challenging it on a design perspective and translating into wireframes and finally, a clickable prototype, to test the User Experience with potential users/customers. Defining and designing a compelling User Experience implies some users researches and is an iterative process, with trials and errors

The goal of the UX phase is to define more precisely the specifications of the project or of the MVP (= Minimum Viable Product, which is the very first version of a product, which can be launched for real to test the main, underlying assumption(s) of the business concept).

Once agreed on a User Experience, the design of a compelling User Interface (making it attractive, can be compared to the painting of a house) can start.

Do you have a project idea and you’re not sure how to start?We’ve designed a package for you named“Design Workshop in 7 Days”.

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