Let’s brainstorm your project together, design it, develop it and finally market it! From defining the User Experience to building a working prototype, from designing a website or a mobile application to marketing it, we are there for you.

What we can do for you

design  UX/UI

Your project starts with the definition of the User Experience. How to onboard new users in an intuitive way, what to use your product or service for or how to enjoy the product? We design with you the complete experience in an iterative way to best deliver your brand spirit. And we finally help you to test the User Experience.

prototype  MVP/Prototype

Defining a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is complex. What is the key assumption you have to test with your users, before developing your full product? We help you in this process and develop the kind of prototype you need (wireframes, clickable prototypes, fully working prototype, etc.).

dev  Development

After defining your product, the development of your complete mobile or web application can start. We develop mobile applications on iOS, Android or Windows and web applications in the programmation language you want.

How to distribute content where your users are, that is, more and more on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger or Telegram? Chatbots are a new way to spread your content or even more, automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks (i.e customer support).

website  Website

Your website is often the first contact opportunity between your company and your potential customer. We design and optimize for you attractive webpages / e-shops to convert your visitors into customers, either on a desktop or on any kind of mobile device. We mainly design websites based on Wordpress. Get ready to generate more business online!

Nothing auto-sells itself. We analyze your target audience and find the best way to reach your potential customers. We build and implement strategies around email marketing, content marketing, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. We support you in the interpretation of the results and optimize the campaigns accordingly.

We also design, develop and market our own products

At Coteries Lab, we generate new ideas on an almost daily basis. As entrepreneurs, we also invest about 20% of our time in designing and developing our own products, like the ones you’ll discover hereafter.

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