SEO; SEO_Lausanne; SEO_switzerlandFor the ones who don’t know, SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and as the name suggests, it’s the process of optimizing your website so it performs well on organic search. Search terms are known by “keywords” and putting them in the right places, will give you more visibility, consequently more visitors. A good SEO strategy can even influence the performance of your PPC campaigns.

We will try to describe a bit our process of optimization, that brought our website to the spotlights. Before all of this work, it was really hard to someone to find us while searching on google. Fortunately, now we rank on the first page along with our competitors.

The Steps of our SEO strategy

First of all, we did a keyword audit by using google keyword planner and google trends. As we know our buyer persona, it was easy to predict what terms they are searching for. Moreover, we also analysed websites of competitors to see which keywords they were using. After all of this, we started optimizing each page and producing quality content.

On page SEO

After defining which keywords we wanted to rank for, it was time to put them to work on our website. Therefore, we reviewed all the pages’ content to make sure the texts included these terms. Also, we produce new and specific content with these keywords.

For Google, fresh/quality content is absolutely crucial. And that’s why you need to become a content producer on a regular basis. This will increase your website authority and credibility.
There are some rules you should follow on the matter of “on page SEO”. Sure they can change from time to time, but for now, these are important:

Titles, headings and subheadings:

Try to include your focus keyword here. This factor is becoming less important from day to day, but it’s still something to take into account. Tip: the closest the keyword is to the beginning of the title the more weight it has on search engines.

Don’t forget to customize the title tag with the keyword and also creating clean slugs.

Bounce Rate/Time on Page

Two big factors to rank your page. How can you control them? Try to include images or videos embedded in the text

Mobile friendly

After 2015 google started penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly, therefore we reviewed all our pages on this matter to get a responsive design as much as possible


Outbound Links / Internal Linking

Outbound are links coming from outside websites that are related to your page, we have several of those coming either from customers or startup blogs. But, you also need to keep in mind the internal link building, this can improve time on the website

Website speed

This is one of the biggest issues for several businesses, and that’s why we are constantly running speed tests on our website. Studies say that 75% percent of people won’t re-visit a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. You see? It’s an extremely important factor to keep in mind.

Optimizing Images’ SEO

We had to make sure that our target keywords were shown on the image file name (SEO_Lausanne.png). Moreover, we included those on the alt attribute of the image.

Social Sharing

We included buttons to share the content easily on social media, and we also spread it there by our selves.

In conclusion, Good SEO can take a long time, depending on exactly what you’re after, but it will compensate! We can help you on this, get in touch and book a free 20 minute SEO audit to your website.