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Optimize your SEO with a team of digital experts! The digital marketing team at Coteries has more than 10 years of experience in the web and SEO.

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Coteries SEO Agency Lausanne

Our SEO services in Lausanne

On-page SEO

We create quality experiences for your visitors and optimize all the tags of your website for an optimal SEO. Titles, metas, images, markup, everything is reviewed and worked out! Your websites becomes a performing tool and your content is ranked as a leader in your field.

Off-page SEO

We analyze the quantity and quality of external links pointing to your website and find domains where your content can be linked at. We suggest content topics you can post or publish on other blogs to increase your awareness.




We run an SEO audit of your website and your domain with dedicated tools. You receive a list of recommendations to implement to improve your search rankings.


We implement the suggested modifications on your website for a better SEO. We also suggest content posts you can regularly publish with links to create to develop your domain reputation.


We regularly monitor your positions in search engines and provide you with continuous improvement suggestions. You access real time reporting to follow the evolution of your organic traffic and conversions.

What our clients say

Request an SEO audit and find out how to get better rankings!

Receive a detailed report on your website health and SEO positions.

With this audit, you will get a list of actions to conduct to improve your on-page SEO on your side or with our team.

You can also request an off-page SEO to understand your domain reputation on the web, with all backlinks included!

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