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Sébastien von Roth, Interaction Designer

Sébastien von Roth

He is one of the founders & Head of Design at Coteries Lab. Sébastien has more than 20 years of experience in UX/UI Design. He developed a solid experience in designing web and mobile applications, websites and deep knowledge about social networks.   Sébastien is a thinker liking to map all the possibilities for his client’s projects. Music helps his creativity and brings him to an “ultra focus mode”. Passionate about technology and User Experience, he’s a design unicorn: he’s great designer, who knows how to code!

#Design #UX #UI #Interaction #HTML #WordPress #Integration

Sébastien Flury, Digital Marketer, CEO Coteries Lab

Sébastien Flury

He is one of the founders & CEO of Coteries, a Hustler by nature. Sébastien is passionate by new digital businesses, products and startups. Startup Blogging is one of his many passions, which he successfully combines with his Digital Marketing activities. Sébastien is recognized on the Swiss start-up ecosystem and he usually spends some time of his week discovering new business ideas and meeting passionate entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses. Sébastien has a broad experience in digital marketing, business development and strategy.

#DigitalMarketing #Strategy #BusinessDevelopment #SEO #AdWords #Blogging #Content #SocialMedia #EmailMarketing #Remarketing

Livio Gamassia, CTO, Software-Developer

Livio Gamassia

He is the CTO of Coteries Lab. Livio is a special kind of Software Engineer, due to his entrepreneurial spirit. He’s passionate and ambitious. You can detect stars in his eyes when you’re telling him about complex software challenges and product development! Livio has an extensive and successful track record with mobile development projects and new technologies.

#Development #Mobile #iOS #Android #Firebase #Architecture #React.js #Web #Product