Optimize-website-coteriesTechnology is evolving extremely quickly. Web rules and trends keep changing. Adapting your website can bring significant benefits. Here are 5 reasons to optimize your page and rework your UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design:

1. Improve your website’s corporate image

First of all, a stylish and modern design supports the professionalism of your company. Think of your website as a shop window, where you can highlight your products.

2. Convert your visitors to clients

Visitors must be seduced if you want them to become clients. A user-friendly design will encourage your visitor to explore your pages also spending more time on them. Therefore, you’ll improve your chances to acquire new clients!

3. Stand out from your competition

Optimizing your website will give you a competitive advantage. Furthermore, you can compare two services or two products with just a few clicks on the Internet. Therefore, you must highlight your value proposition to stand out from the competition.

4. Upgrade your Google’s indexing

There are billions of web pages in Google. As a result, a high-quality website will increase your chances to be well ranked and therefore easily found. Technics of SEO (search engine optimization) and also loading velocity will help you on that. Indeed, Google’s algorithm contains numerous criteria, which are increasingly strict. You need to follow the rules otherwise you won’t get found, or worse, you’ll get banned!

5. Match the consumer habits

The increasing mobility of people implies to be connected to multiple devices, anywhere and anytime. Nowadays, majorities of people are navigating on their mobile. This is why having a “responsive” website is a must, which you can adapt to every device, so you won’t miss any opportunity. You’ll offer to every visitor, wherever he is and whatever device he is using, a pleasant experience.

You are convinced you should improve your website, but you don’t know how? Our team would be glad to help you. Coteries Lab is based in Lausanne and major in website development (mainly based on WordPress) and also UX/UI design.