Google Tag Manager tracking, Coteries Lab Lausanne

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a tag management system. Remember when you had the boring work of installing each tracking code of each platform (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) into your websites’ code? 

Those times are long gone! Google Tag Manager has softened the digital marketers’ job by assembling in one platform all the tags you might need. Therefore, the process of tracking your website is much simpler nowadays.

Every user interaction data is sent to Google Analytics (GA) where you can analyze and report.

So, How can you install Google Tag Manager on your Website?

First, you need to Create an account at After this, you’ll have to create a “new container” for your website or mobile app.

If you’re installing the new container on web and AMP pages: Add the container snippet to your site and remove any existing tags.

If you’re installing Google Tag Managers’ new container on mobile apps: Use the Firebase SDK to implement Tag Manager either for Android or iOS.

Here are 6 reasons why we think you should use Google Tag Manager:

1- Improvement of Website speed which is perfect for your SEO:

You may ask how? And it’s simple! What Google Tag Manager does is removing all the tracking codes that are in your header tag and compiles it into a little javascript file. Less heavy code = Better Speed = Better SEO/ranking

2 – Implementation Speed: It’s not even comparable! While without Google Tag Manager you had to dive into the websites’ code each time you wanted to make a small change, now with GTM Marketers don’t need to ask for a developers’ help. Needless to say, you’re saving time, which can also be seen as saving money!

3 – Advanced Tracking: The traditional Analytics is not enough anymore. Marketers need to know if a user clicked a certain button and if so, that user must be tracked until he reaches the next stage of the buyer’s journey. With GTM you can fire tags for individual pages, for certain links, for forms, all by yourself.

4 – Debug before you activate the tag: This one of the most important advantages of GTM. Within the platform, you have the possibility to test if your tags are firing well just by refreshing the browser. You can also install google chrome extensions for this.

5 – Tag Templates: Google Tag Manager provides you with several pre-made templates for almost any platform. You just need to apply some small changes to make it “yours” and you should be good to go, saving time once again!

6- Easily measure your Marketing campaigns: You can track basically everything on your website. Therefore, GTM will report you (Google Analytics) every metric you need to measure your campaigns’ success.

If you need help installing Google Tag Manager or even if it’s something you’d like to learn how to do, don’t be shy and contact our agency in Lausanne. Coteries Lab can help/teach you into the future of tracking.