mailchimp facebook ads coteries lausanneMailchimp just announced their connection with facebook. The company says its a way to help their users reach new costumers and engage with the ones they already have.

The goal was to gather everything in the same place, in order to don’t lose time. Therefore, now when you’re doing your email marketing you can also be preparing your facebook ads campaign. Incredible right?

With 560 employees and almost 86,000 accounts connected to e-commerce stores, last year, MailChimp users sent 246.1bn emails. Linking the email service to facebook ads was a strategic move, allowing to combine the two most chosen channels for acquiring costumers and generating revenue.

Mailchimp simplified the ad creation process on Facebook

In a few steps you can have your facebook ad campaign all set up and ready to get revenue. It’s basically the same interface we all know, but with a facebook functionality. Even photo editing is possible for you to get the most out of your ad.

Your contacts will be a tool to smart targeting

First of all, no one wants to be spending money talking to the wrong audience. That’s why mailchimp’s proposal is to use your email lists, subscriber activity information, customer purchase data, and more, to reach the right people.

Furthermore, with this technic you can reach similar audiences. Also people who like your products but don’t subscribe to your email. Also, connected e-commerce users get an easily digestible report that shows how many items they’ve sold and how many customers they’ve acquired.

Time efficiency is everything if you want to be a step ahead of the competition, and this means using less platforms with better results.

The best of all? It’s a free feature. By other words, you only pay to facebook to display your ads as you would do with a normal facebook ad campaign. In conclusion, is just benefits!

Want to know how to do this process? Our Team would be glad to help you. Coteries Lab is based in Lausanne and major in website development (mainly based on WordPress) and UX/UI design.