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Create a modern, high-end custom website with our web experts! The team at Coteries has over 10 years of experience in web design and integration.

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Coteries Swiss Digital Agency Web design Lausanne Website Creation

Our services in web design

UX/UI Design

We define together the architecture of the project with simple interfaces. We create a moodboard to have a graphic reference. We explore concepts for your website and create impact contents adapted to your project and your users.

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We integrate the design of your website on Webflow or Wordpress at high speed. In a few days, you have access to your new site and can already integrate your content while we fine-tune its development. Very quickly your site is online and more powerful than ever.

Follow-up & SEO

We share tips and tutorials to teach you how to simply use your website and update its content. We can then also help you with your SEO, marketing and how to find new customers!

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A team of specialists in web design, website integration, content creation and SEO.

Favor a no-code perspective

The concept of no-code does not mean “not typing code” but rather means “how to get a digital product and test a concept as quickly as possible with available resources”. Tools like Webflow allow web specialists to quickly integrate modern and dynamic websites.

Coteries Swiss Digital Agency Web design Lausanne Website Creation No Code Integration

A very powerful toolkit

For projects that do not require a developer, we use a multitude of tools that integrate with each other to deliver high-performance projects.

Limitless projects

Thanks to Webflow, the generated code is very clean. For large projects with multiple integrations, it allows for example to use the components of your showcase site to integrate it with your own applications. Thus the projects have no limits!

Coteries Swiss Digital Agency Web design Lausanne Website Creation Webflow

Your benefits with Webflow

Simplified tech

Webflow is a professional tool that is more user-friendly than existing tools and CMS. Dedicated server, integrated backups, powerful CMS, animation frameworks, maintenance included: all the usual complex infrastructure is already set up and ready-to-go!

Fast integrations

Very visual, Webflow is particularly adapted to UX/UI design professionals. We save a lot of time for projects that do not require heavy integration with our developers. We can then improve your visual concepts and the user experience for your customers.

Infinite creativity

Thanks to an powerful interface, Webflow allows you to directly test animations and modern concepts, all this very quickly and without any additional prototype or development. The integration of your design is done with care and the navigation is fluid and pleasant.

What our clients say

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Explain your project at best so we can get you an estimate. The more details the better: the more we know, the better we can give you advice. It goes without saying we guarantee the utmost confidentiality.

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