At Coteries, we are passionate about digital marketing. We’re always on the spot to find the best way to generate awareness and ROI for your project or your brand. We help you build a 360 digital marketing strategy along with a roadmap to reach your goals. We know the tricks, good practices and mistakes to avoid!

Our methodology for performing digital marketing campaigns


Just like our UX/UI design service, we begin by analyzing how your business works. We listen to understand your challenges, needs, strengths and weaknesses. We also take a look at your own digital environment and the one of your competition. By understanding your day-to-day business, we study how to improve your sales process and create a plan to face your challenges. At the end of this step, you get an action plan to perfectly lead a complete strategy or undertake individual marketing actions. You end up with solid recommendations to develop your business!

Implement and optimize

Once defined, we can start implementing general or individual actions. We are relentless to reach objectives we set up beforehand: acquire leads, increase your turnover and develop in-store or e-commerce sales. Along with implementing campaigns, we also focus on analyzing, monitoring and optimizing. We define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the campaigns efficiency. Simultaneously, we optimize in real time to improve performances and reach your goals.

On your side, you access real time dynamic reports on how your digital marketing campaigns evolve in full transparency. Your budget is monitored and you know how it is used by the second.

We are in touch every two weeks with the tool of your choice so you can follow and understand ongoing actions and campaigns results.

With a pro-active follow-up, you also receive detailed monthly reports. We analyze the results of our actions on your business together and we define optimization ideas for better improvements.

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Our specialists in Digital Marketing

The skills of our Digital Marketing specialists

Here’s what we can do for you:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We optimize your website to rank its pages on your potential clients' specific search requests: titles, meta tags, links, images, we do it all!

SEO Services

Content creation - Inbound Marketing

We create several content types to improve your SEO strategy: own contents, blog articles, videos... You attract visitors while improving the quality of your traffic and your awareness.

Google Ads & SEM - Search Engine Marketing

We bring our expertise in launching and managing Google Ads campaigns: search, display, video and shopping.

Social Media Management & Social Media Advertising

We manage your social pages with regular organic posts. On the advertising side, we create and optimize your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn but also on Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat and even TikTok!

Web Optimization & Landing Pages

We optimize your website and create specific landing pages for advertising campaigns to develop consideration for your products or services. In that way you can generate more leads and clients.

Tracking & Retargeting

We implement all necessary tracking codes to let you have a great understanding on what is happening on your website, take specific action or launch retargeting campaigns.

Email Marketing

We define and launch email marketing campaigns, especially on Infomaniak, Mailchimp or Sendinblue. To populate these campaigns, we also define and optimize tools to capture emails (pop-up forms) directly on your website.

Marketing Automation

We automate your processes to make you save time on your day-to-day operations so you can get closer to your clients. Reporting, alerts, CRM management, emailing... Focus on your business and make your life easier!

Analyzing & Monitoring

We help you analyze the activities coming from your website tracking and your marketing actions. You access relevant information, organized with dynamic reports you can access in real time.

Digital Marketing Package

You wish to expand your business but you’re not sure to know where to begin? You do not have marketing capabilities in your team? Relax! We conceived a simple digital marketing package.

Develop your business with digital marketing