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UX/UI Design

UX stands for User Experience.

UX Design is a process in which UX specialists create a digital experience based on user needs and the solution provided by a product.

UI stands for User Interface.

UI Design is a process during which UI specialists create a digital interface according to a product’s UX, UI trends and the style guide defined beforehand.

A Design Workshop is a workshop where a team of interface design and user experience specialists will address your needs to create a quality digital experience.

Web Development

A feasibility study or Proof of Concept is a study during which you will evaluate the relevance of an idea before developing a product.

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is the smallest version of an application or a product. The idea is to have enough functionality to quickly test an idea with early adopters.

An MVP allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses by focusing on the essentials.

Digital Marketing

Simply add &hl=en for English or any other language code at the end of your url.

You can find the full ISO country code list on Wikipedia la liste des codes de langue ISO sur Wikipedia.

SEO - basics

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that aims to index and position web pages on search engines, for example:

  • optimizing HTML tags “meta title” and “meta description”
  • managing the robots.txt file
  • creating a sitemap in xml
  • optimizing internal links
  • optimizing the content of your web pages
  • creating content based on keywords
  • developing backlinks

…and much more!

Just search for site:mywebsite.com in Google. All its indexed pages will be displayed.

Just search for site:mywebsite.com/mypage in Google. All its indexed pages will be displayed.

Connect your website to the Google Search Console tool and have your pages visited by Google bots. Indexing will start quickly and your site can be fully indexed in a few days.

Find out how to create a GSC account in our SEO checklist.

In your Google Search Console account, insert the URL of your page in the search bar.

If your page is not listed on Google, you can request an indexation. It should be effective in a few days.

Create an account on Google My Business and fill in all the information you want to display.

You will need to validate your account with a code sent to you by mail.

Then remember to update your profile and ask for reviews from your customers!

Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that corresponds to a score from 1 to 100 for a domain name.

It is not an official metric of search engines but it is used in SEO analysis and optimization tools, such as Moz, SEMrush, or others.

However, search engines do analyze the authority of a domain with several factors, such as its time of existence, the relevance of the name or the number of quality links pointing to this site.

More and more factors to make a web page match with a user search request.

Although not an official metric, the Domain Authority (DA) score is important because it helps assessing the credibility of a website or business.

Roughly put, having a high domain score tells search engines you are qualified on a given topic so that it is more likely to rank higher, get more qualified traffic and ultimately leads or sales (i.e. present your content more easily to people who search services as yours).

A way to increase your DA is to have many quality links to your site and from your site to other sites.

SEO - Backlinks

High authority sites can have tens of thousands of links.

However quantity is not very important compared to quality. A site with more inbound links may have a lower domain score than a site with better quality links.

Use tools like Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush or aHrefs to check the number of links pointing to your site. The last 3 are not free but you can usually use them for free for a single project.

Quality backlinks improve your domain’s reputation and therefore its ability to rank better. Aiming for the first place is very important to get more traffic, leads or sales. Your CTR, or organic click-through rate, can be increased by having better positioned pages.

SEO tools like SEMrush or Moz inform you about the toxic or spammy nature of the links pointing to your site.

You can first ask the webmasters or site owners to remove these links.

If this is not possible or too complicated, you can export a list of toxic domains from a tool and import them into Google Search Console as “links to disavow”. This list will tell Google’s web crawlers not to follow these links and will allow you to reduce their toxic impact.

Backlinking won’t interfere at all with how your website works. It is more a matter of “online reputation”.

It can however interfere with your referral traffic, your positions in search engine result pages and your organic click through rate (organic CTR).

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