Once a month, we open the doors of our office to all those that wish to meet us: it’s the “Office Hours”!

Questions on UX, design, development or digital marketing?

Just reserve a meeting with one of us for a free 30 minute consulting session. What you will gain from this session:

  • responses to your questions
  • ideas
  • honest feedback!

Prepare for your meeting, since it won’t last longer than 30 minutes. Drop the small talk, get to the point and be prepped for the discussion!

Don't be shy, take a meeting slot!

If you don’t ask the question, you will never know…

We can meet at the office, or online!

Sébastien Flury, Digital Marketer, CEO Coteries Lab

Sébastien Flury


#DigitalMarketing #Strategy #BusinessDevelopment #SEO

He is one of the founders and the CEO of Coteries. Ambitious by nature, Sébastien is passionate about new businesses, products, and digital startups. A recognised blogger in the Swiss startup community, he also has extensive experience in digital marketing, business development and strategy.

Sébastien von Roth, Head of Design

Sébastien von Roth


#Design #UX #UI #Website #Wordpress

He is one of the founders and Head of Design at Coteries. Sébastien has over 20 years of experience in UX/UI design. He developed solid experience in the design of web and mobile applications, web sites, and a deep knowledge of social networks.

Sacha Toufani, Digital Marketer

Sacha Toufani


#DigitalMarketing #SEO #Copywriting

He is Web Project Manager and Digital Marketer. Digital Strategy Specialist certified from SAWI, Sacha is an expert in creating marketing contents, developing SEO and building digital campaigns. Passionate with the web, he helps his clients building awareness, acquiring leads and developing their sales.