PlanYourMove is a web application created by a startup from the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne.

Coteries has brought expertise in establishing the business model, the concept, the design, the product management and the marketing of the web application for a successful launch.

Used skills:

  • Brainstorming
  • Market test
  • Conceptualisation of the user experience and the interface (UX/UI Design)
  • Content creation
  • Product and project management
  • Conception and implementation of a website
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website optimisation
  • Tracking and traffic monitoring
  • Creation of a digital marketing strategy
  • Launch and monitoring of Google Ads campaigns

Brainstorming, design and market test

Before developing anything, we had to make sure that the market would respond well to the services the app would provide. We started by defining assumptions to address the problems more than 500’000 people are facing every year in Switzerland when moving. After conducting a conclusive survey in our close network, we started conceiving a product that would provide complete support when moving.

We then conducted a full-scale market test in Switzerland to evaluate the market reaction and to define realistic hypotheses towards the solution’s potential for the market. This test consisted in creating rapidly search ad campaigns on Google Ads to drive relevant and intent-based traffic (search queries) to a dedicated landing page. This page presented the application and its benefits, with the possibility for users to create an account. Thanks to this test, we validated the need for Swiss users. We were able to move on to the design phase, and we avoided potential significant development costs in case of an inadequate match between the product and the user’s needs.

After multiple brainstorming sessions and numerous iterations, we defined the first screens along with a schematic User Flow. We also worked on the content for different screens, so that we could start with the actual design.

Design of the user experience and user interface (UX/UI Design)

Coteries designed the web application with a “mobile first” approach and also contributed to develop the visual identity of the startup.

In collaboration with PlanYourMove, we worked on the content of the application (more than 150 screens) and coordinated translations in German and English.

Product and project management

With the User Flow and Design in hand, we built up the project specifications and the user stories.

We then took care of the project management and coordinating the development of the web application in partnership with the developers at Cruncher.

For more than three months, Coteries was the core link between the founding team of PlanYourMove and the development team, focusing on finding technical solutions adapted to users’ needs, app management and tracking.

Design and implementation of a website

In parallel with the web app development, we created a showcase website to engage visitors on PlanYourMove’s solution: a service to move completely free of hassle.

We designed the website’s wireframe, UI and user flow (funnel), wrote up content and published the site online with Wordpress, CMS particularly used for facilitating the integration of a blog.

Our team also managed the search engine optimisation (SEO) of this website by defining meta tags on all pages, optimising images and creating relevant content for web optimisation.

Tracking and traffic monitoring

Like for the majority of web projects we work on, we set up Google Analytics for traffic monitoring and integrated events tracking and other tags (Hotjar and social networks) with Google Tag Manager.

We also found a solution to analyse the users source over the whole funnel: from a click on an ad to creating an account on the web application after passing through the showcase website (though through different technologies).

Web optimisation

By observing visitor behaviour, we constantly focused on optimising the customer journey by arranging elements in the best way possible.

We also realized A/B testing with Google Optimize, to identify which content worked best for user acquisition.

Defining a digital marketing strategy

Following on the development and for the launch of the application, we defined and proposed a complete digital marketing strategy with detailed actions at each step of the customer journey: acquisition, activation, action, retention, revenue.

Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads was an integral and essential part of the marketing strategy, particularly for user acquisition on specific search terms related to moving.

Taking the work from the market test, we optimised the campaigns, the keywords, and the ads to generate qualified traffic to the showcase site and then to the web application, with the goal of acquiring users at the lowest possible cost.