Adeya is a secure mobile communication company based in Morges, Switzerland. The fact that they are shielded by Swiss privacy laws allowed the company to build one of the most secure mobile applications on the market. Adeya’s secure mobile app encrypts every SMS, call, video conference or file sharing. The backend of the application can be deployed on-premise or on a secure/encrypted cloud. To keep things even safer, Adeya’s products are not available publicly on the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store. You can always reach Adeya’s team through their website to get advice and buy their product. 

Adeya needed to speed up its Digital Marketing efforts and to improve its online brand awareness. The target customers were governments, financial institutions, insurance companies, family offices, law firms, pharmaceutical corporations, energy firms, healthcare enterprises, high-tech startups and defense organisations. Coteries started the collaboration with wireframes of the website, designed a User Interface and finally built a strong and safe responsive website, on WordPress. Alongside, we advised the team on the digital marketing and how to rank better on search engines. The blog section is essential to improve their SEO strategy and to start generating backlinks/website traffic.  

At Coteries Lab, we leverage exclusive/powerful marketing tools to proceed to a competitors’ audit. Leveraging these rich insights, we were able to create strong Google Adwords Campaigns in order to drive traffic to Adeya’s website. Needless to say that all the tracking codes/tags were implemented by Coteries Lab for further remarketing campaigns. Google Tag Manager was the platform chosen for that (6 reasons to use Google Tag Manager).

Moreover, our collaboration also included social media advertising, namely on LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube, which are the most relevant ways for the company to leverage to target B2B leads. We succeeded in spawning awareness of the brand, its newest video and of course, also to generate new B2B.