Who wouldn’t want to get to know the best places in beautiful cities like Lausanne, Brussels, London or even Paris? Now you just have to Askjulia!

Discovering the best spots to visit in a city would be like going on a wild goose chase, but with “Julia” it’s all there for you. Askjulia is a website that stands out from other itineraries by its personal touch.

All the UX and UI was designed to express the owner’s experiences in those wonderful places which they recommend to the user. It’s not easy to rank in a competitive market like this one, therefore, the agency took SEO really seriously in this particular case.

Askjulia is still an ongoing project that might see some metamorphosis along the way, but for now, it seems to be satisfying the users with this cosy feeling of proximity. Side by side with that will to comfort the user comes the desire to always surprise.

That’s the reason why we developed a tailored Chatbot for Askjulia’s Facebook page. The goal was to make the search for extraordinary places even easier, thus taking into account the target it seemed logical to integrate a Chatbot on Facebook for better user comfort. As a result, the platform is even closer to its users than before.