The Quartier de l’Étang is looking to the future, and is seen as the green gateway to the city of Geneva. Combining housing, businesses, shops, leisure and quality public infrastructure, the quartier is promising to become the new emblem of Geneva. 

Leveraged skills:

  • Mobile Development (React Native / Expo & Kotlin)
  • Web Development (React)
  • Tiles (hosted here)

Our client initially worked with adbr Sàrl – a graphic design company based in Nyon – to ask for a beautifully designed brochure. As part of a real estate sales project for a large neighborhood under construction in Geneva, an Adobe XD model was created to present to the public and future buyers the different places in the making.


With everything nowadays, digitization is necessary if one wants to remain competitive. adbr being specialized in graphic design therefore then reached out to Coteries for a partnership on the project.

Development of two Android applications  

We were given pre-defined specifications to work with and in the end two different applications were developed. Firstly, a private Android application optimized for tablets just for the sales team to showcase the neighborhood to prospective buyers. The second was an Android application based off of the Adobe brochure we were given, including two zoomable maps to provide an improved user experience. Both needed to be developed on React Native.

New developments 

It was necessary to complete the app under a very restricted time. However, thanks to our long mobile development expertise, we were able to deliver highly qualitative Android mobile applications.

Since then, we’ve continued working with them and have developed a web application. It will be integrated on their website in the near future, but for now you can view the project here.