A Swiss company mandated us to design and develop the new e-commerce and community website of their project named Caius. This website aims to offer wines from small producers and selected based on the criteria of the community.

Caius’ concept is based on very specific selection criteria and appeals to the community to rate the wines. For example, if a wine does not obtain a certain average according to the community, it will be excluded  from the selection of Caius. Also, the website should only allow people who ordered a wine to rate it and leave a comment.

For the sake of minimising the development time and costs for our client, we have developed the website as a minimum viable product (MVP). For that reason, we choose the famous content management system (CMS) WordPress to develop the website. We had in mind the objective to simplify the development, therefore we decided to use the theme “Uncode”. For the e-commerce part, we opted for the solution WooCommerce, which can be fully integrated into WordPress to create a unique platform for the entire user experience (UX). This specialised e-commerce platform  is adequate to the  potential large quantity of wines’ information to be integrated in the website. Moreover, it is the most commonly used solution to create e-commerce sites on the Internet.

In addition to user ratings and reviews, we have incorporated the following features in the online shop:

  • Products presentation, with a product listing and a gallery
  • Definition of product packaging or quantity
  • Management of promotions, novelties, and exclusivities
  • Possibility to put an article in one’s favorites and manage one’s favorite wine list.