Back in 2016 Coteries lab was already thinking about the upcoming trends in online communication and we were observing the rise of chatbots to better engage with customers while saving time. Facebook searches started to become more frequent, which indicated that users felt too comfortable on the platform to leave it just for searching purposes. Therefore, at the time, Facebook seemed the right platform to test our assumptions regarding a Facebook messenger chatbot.

We developed 3 Facebook messenger chatbots specifically to save time on search. So instead of looking for information online, you can with the help of these chatbots:

  • Have the weather sent to you automatically every day
  • Have the cinema program, for example, once a week at your request
  • Save favourites on your personal timetable

After testing our assumptions with real customers, we were able to confirm the market was in need for something like these chatbots. And to make us even more sure about it, Facebook launched its own chatbots for company pages. As a result, nowadays it’s possible for anyone to create a “mini” chatbot on Facebook messenger as long as you own a company page.

The difference with the chatbots we’ve developed is that you get a tailored chatbot for your needs and really synchronised with your business.  Coteries took customer search/communication to another level of automation with chatbots. In this case, we developed a chatbot for Facebook, but we have experience with chatbots on several platforms like Telegram, Slack, Cisco Spark or Kik.

Our strong knowledge on this matter led us to create the brand Botlab, a dedicated website where you can easily “order” a chatbot for your business.