Geosatis is a spin-off from EPFL, incorporated in 2011 in Noirmont (Jura) with a Research and Development office at the EPFL Innovation Park. The company is active in the electronic monitoring of offenders and aims to increase public safety while improving the reintegration of prisoners into working life.

Used skills:

  • Feasibility study (POC – Proof-of-Concept)
  • Development of Android mobile application

Coteries and Geosatis have collaborated for a long time: in 2014, Coteries created a website before redesigning it in 2018, while optimising its content for better SEO.

In 2019, we first conducted a feasibility study (Proof of concept, POC) to explore a completely new concept for the company.

We then developed a secure Android application that allows one to serve their sentence outside of prison without having to wear an electronic bracelet. This was in complete compliance with the judicial measures.

In order to make sure that convicts would be under surveillance at all times, we developed a system to make sure their devices would have enough battery. Set up inside the device, it triggers an alarm when the battery is low.