MotaMate is a perfect example of how Coteries lab works and support people with an idea. We are experts in designing and generating MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products), to allow our customers to show something real to their users and test their assumptions in real life. The founders of MotaMate explained us their mobile application idea. We advised them on the art of launching a new project and helped them structure all the process to design and define a clickable prototype.

We started the collaboration with a design workshop. The UX/UI Design workshop is a package we provide to our customers to get started, define the MVP, design wireframes and ultimately deliver a clickable prototype. The Design Workshop usually lasts 7 days, to shape the idea alongside with all the brand identity.

But what is MotaMate? MotaMate is a mobile app with a pretty clear motivational goal: challenge your mates to act. The process is quite simple, you create a challenge by taking a picture of yourself doing something, assign it to a category and then challenge a mate! Your mate has 24 hours to respond to the challenge, by taking a picture of what they are doing and challenging their friend back.  To put some kind of pressure to your mate to act, the idea popped up during our interactions to add a timer to the challenge: your mate can see how much time is left before she needs to respond.